Sunday, September 18, 2005

Boat party in Egipt Posted by Picasa

Mountains in summer, on the bright side, Slovenia Posted by Picasa

Flying up to castle :) Posted by Picasa

Lion the king, just after lunch Posted by Picasa

Nice bird observing Posted by Picasa

Lake and mountains near Jezersko, Slovenia Posted by Picasa

Another nice picture from the zoo in Ljubljana, Slovenia Posted by Picasa

Rare species of fish Posted by Picasa

Lift off Posted by Picasa

View from the terase Posted by Picasa

Looks like Kranj is almost in the middle of the mountain Posted by Picasa

Mig or F19 ? Posted by Picasa

Some nice arrangement in the living room Posted by Picasa

Don't mess with this guy Posted by Picasa

Landing on the top of the tree Posted by Picasa

I love this picture, though it might be overexposed. Taken in Bled, Slovenia Posted by Picasa

Bee, full of cargo Posted by Picasa

Mountains near Bled, Slovenia Posted by Picasa

Red tulips in Arboretum in Slovenia Posted by Picasa

It's the heart of the Orchidea Posted by Picasa

Fighting for love Posted by Picasa

Some nice sculpture with healthy ingredients :) Posted by Picasa

Landing procedure, gears down Posted by Picasa

It's not artificial, it's alive Posted by Picasa

He want's to maid :) And with that kind of charm a success is not a doubt. The picture was taken at the zoo in Ljubljana, SloveniaPosted by Picasa